Automix, specialist in mobile and stationary concrete mixers

More Mixing, More Profit

Automix manufactures, installs and maintains quality mixers for concrete plants that know the value of investing in robust equipment. Our products are designed for easy, ergonomic and prolonged use, and we’re here to help keep your plant operational, 24/7.

Automix - your partner for mobile and stationairy concrete mixers

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What we do

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Mobile mixers

We install concrete mixers on all types of trucks, trailers and wagons. With our concrete mixers, you are always operational, you work efficiently, gain capacity and improve the safety of your workers.

2 to 5 axles, with or without auxiliary engine, with or without integrated mixer pump or conveyors, drums with capacities of 5 to 14 cubic metres.

Our mixers are manufactured in accordance with Belgian national legislation and the truck manufacturer’s guidelines.

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Stationary mixers

Our batch mixers offer unprecedented longevity and operational reliability, even under the most extreme conditions!

Thanks to heavy-duty drives, special cast-iron wear parts and compact dimensions, Automix mixers guarantee fast mixing, excellent concrete homogeneity and product lifespans up to 40 years.

BHS mixers stand for absolute reliability. Invest in a BHS mixer to enjoy exceptionally low costs for use and maintenance!

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Parts & Maintenance

Our technicians are ready to help with the maintenance, repair or replacement of your mobile and stationary concrete mixers. The work may be performed at our factory or at your plant by our mobile intervention team.

We can be reached any day of the week, even on weekends or holidays (and over the summer!).

We are also available 24/7 for parts and accessories.

More Mixing, More Profit

Become and Automix partner today and experience the profits that result from quality equipment

What are our values?

Lowest TCO in the industry

More applications, longer life cycle and lower maintenance costs. Invest in Automix products for guaranteed profit.

Product leadership

Our own engineers are constantly at work developing new products and accessories, in close collaboration with our clients and international manufacturing partners.

Safety & integrity

An integral focus on safety is the only way to achieve long-term success.


Care for both your workers and your clients. Easy, pleasant operation prevents errors and reduces the time required for training.

Fast, flexible service

Equipment that isn’t running costs you money. At Automix we are there for you with maintenance, repairs and spare parts, 24/7.

Long-term partners

We focus on your needs, not ours. We listen to your feedback and take a long-term approach. If you become more successful over the next ten years, so do we.

Quality concrete mixers since 1962

Our family business's expertise is the resut of three generations of hard work!

A trusted name in the industry for over 50 years

Automix’s rich history began when Mr Leopold Van Eeckhaute first launched the company in 1962. Over the next thirty years, he built up a flourishing company, passing on the directorship to his son, Mr Ivan Van Eeckhaute, in the 1990s. Automix used the following thirty years to consolidate its reputation as a high-quality partner for the cast-in-place concrete industry. In January 2019, Ivan handed over Automix to a team of experienced young entrepreneurs (under the daily management of Pieter De Smedt). This team believes in the company’s future, embraces Automix’s rich heritage and is working to achieve further growth and at least another thirty splendid years!