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Mobile concrete mixers 


Trucks or trailers, with a long list of options. Robust, reliable, and ergonomic. Sold out of our stock or tailor made to your preferences. 

A speciality of Automix since 50 years 

The excellent reputation of the mobile concrete mixers of Automix comes from the extensive collaboration between itself an one of the global leaders in the market: the Imer Group.

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Each day, hundreds of mobile concrete mixers are hard at work in Belgium 


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Concrete mixers mounted on trucks

Automix installs mixers on trucks of all brands. We typically install our mixers on truck chassis provided by our clients. However, we can also supply you with a chassis ourselves in case you should want us to. 

Delivered out of our stock, or tailor made based on your needs - always including the Belgian homologation.

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Concrete mixers on trailers

The concrete mixers of Automix can be constructed on a trailer with 2 or 3 axis of Mol Company. Choose the length of the chassis which best suits you and select any of the innumerable additional options such an automatic lifted axis or a directional axis.  

Here too, we can usually supply you out of stock or make you a custom designed mixer based on your preferences. Homologation for the Belgian territory is also always included.  


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Different mounting systems and special products

Each order is different because the requirements of our clients are always different as well. Talk to us about your needs, and we can no doubt suggest a solution that fits the description such as a conveyor belt mixer, a pump mixer, a container hook system or a dismountable system, and even a telescopic discharge chute of more than 9 meters long.



We assist our clients regardless of the brand of truck or mixers                 


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Replacement drums for all mixer brands

Automix can supply replacement drums for all brands of mixers, painted in primer or in your company colours, with or without installation included. 



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