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Concrete batching plants

We offer the design and construction of new concrete batching plants, extension or renovation projects, spare parts delivery, as well as a complete servicing package. 

Full support for your concrete batching plant

Automix is specialised in concrete batching plants, whether it means servicing, provision of spare parts, projects to increase your concrete batching plant, or maintenance. We excel in technical knowledge, experience, and customer focused service. Throughout the years, Automix has built a long list of clients and has been selected to represent a number of market-leading manufacturers of concrete batching plant parts. 

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Exclusive distributor for the mixers of BHS-Sonthofen

Automix has been the exclusive distributor in Belgium for the mixers produced by BHS-Sonthofen since 1972. Recognized in the industry as being the best brand of mixers, Automix can assist you in selecting the right type for your needs. 

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Installation of a new mixer

Replacing your old mixer or constructing a new concrete batching plant? Automix will analyse your needs and propose a new mixer for you. 

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Maintenance of mixers

Automix can schedule annual visits to service and maintain your mixer together with our technicianc. Together, we can make sure your mixer is always in pristine condition!

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Spare parts

We can supply all spare parts for you BHS mixer, whether they are more common are somewhat exceptional - all days of the week.  

What are the characteristics that make the mixers of BHS-Sonthofen the best globally?


Extremely robust and reliable

Its design means the BHS-mixers are rarely out of service making using it a fairly worryless experience with limited and easy to perform maintenance requirements.  

Long lifetime

No other mixer last longer than a BHS-mixer. Automix has mixers in its client portfolio that have been running for more than 45 years. d'entraînement à glissement unique pour une connexion facile au malaxeur.  

Homogenous mixing results

The unique 3D spiraling movement of the mixture caused by the mixing arms of the BHS mixer ensures a perfect and homogenous mixing result even for the most demanding compositions - each and every time.

Annual maintenance of your BHS mixer or other needs? 

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