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An Automix specialty for 50 years  

Automix mobile mixers’ outstanding reputation is the result of a fifty-year exclusive partnership with one of the global market leaders in our sector, the IMER GROUP.

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More than 500 Automix trucks make their daily round in Belgium

Contact us to share the same advantages of an Automix fleet experienced by Belgium's leading concrete plants

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Truck-mounted mixers

Automix installs mobile mixers for all truck chassis brands: VOLVO, MERCEDES, MAN, DAF, RENAULT, SCANIA, IVECO, etc. We install our mixers on client-supplied chassis. We can also supply the chassis for you, however.

Supplied from stock or custom-built, and always provided with type approval for use in Belgium. As of 2019, we offer specially designed, attractively priced basic models for concrete mixer operators who are just starting out.

Contact us for more information, options, lead times, prices or an Automix Lease quote.

Sold from stock or full custom build

We offer solutions for all applications at Automix

Trailer-mounted mixers

Automix installs its mixers on trailers from MOL, with two or three axles and a short or long wheel base. We also offer many additional options such as a tag axle, steering axle, etc. 

These mixer trailers can again be supplied from stock or custom-built. Furthermore, we always ensure type approval for use in Belgium.

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Automix trailers have much better longevity than other brands

You don't need to wait to experience the reliablity and pleasure of working with an Automix truck!

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Attatchment systems and special products

Not all jobs are equally simple. To pour concrete for foundations, road construction, concrete piers and other complex jobs, a concrete pump, conveyor or hydraulic chute can be very handy. 

At Automix we distribute various patented solutions to expand the range of applications for your truck significantly, without the expense of separate pumps and conveyors. 

Tell us about the specific challenges involved in your work and our team will be happy to help you design and purchase the perfect truck.

Custom work and innovation at your service, unique in our sector

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